More Work….

Well talked to the SM for my old store seems hes all for me coming back only problem now is if the DM agrees no idea if I’m going back as a normal game advisor or if I’m going to be there just for the christmas rush or what (honestly I’d rather be there for just the rush atm not sure if I can work go to school live my life do home work and get anuff sleep zzzzz)


Well went to gamestop on the 9th to pick up the new x-com game for 360 (loving it might post some bout it at a later date) and one of my old friends there whos now the ast. mgr. asked if I wanted to come back I said fine but she needs to talk to the store manager first because I did not leave cause I wanted to (I’ll leave it at that) so I might (key word there) be going back to work on top of school… yay….. ugg LOL

Just in that sort of mood….

no idea why but I have just not been in the mood to play rift the last few days and have been playing on my consoles (too bad I can’t pull pic and fmv from those) anyways I just got my ps3 replaced after the old one yellow light of death’ed on me…. (yellow light shows up and the system never turns on again) well the new system is nice and all but I have lost all my old saves (yeah I’m a little pissed bout that) so I was playing skyrim and I walk up to a guard to ask to go into a town and i remember bout one time I walk up to the same guard and right when I am bout to click on him I hear a thump (think large thing droping outta the sky kind of thump) see the dragons in this game kind of stop flying and just fall to the gound too land…. so I’m thinking as all the guards run off to fight leaving me traped out side the town “damn I have all these items and what not that I wanted too sell and a dragon just decides to show up now……” *draws swords* “sigh now I gotta drop stuff to make room for the dragon bones and scales in my inv….” LOL